Zombie Grave Escape
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I was inspired to build this prop by Spooky Sam. He was kind enough to answer my questions as I built.
His original prop (shown above...much better than my copy) can be found on the Village Haunt web site here.

Massager (Available new for less than $20 at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond or in many thrift shops for less than $5.)
Electrical PVC (2 10' sections: You only need two so you have two of the larger ends.)
(You could replace the electrical PVC with 3/2" standard white PVC. Thin wall is better!)
6 short (1/4"?) self taping screws.
Two 45 degree elbows
One 90 degree elbow

To Dress Prop:
Light weight head
One Hand (I used right hand)
Try this hand/arm:  http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nebula/6037/corpse.htm)
Assorted rags/shirt

Additionally you may want to place this prop in a 1/2 coffin so it appears to be breaking out and add a motion sensor, light, and sound.
These will be added as I build them over the next week or so.

Start by carefully cutting off the cloth covering.

This was easy to do with a small pocket knife.

Then remove the 1/2 egg coverings to expose the nub like posts that you will place the PVC sections onto.

This removal was a little difficult. I used pliers to break the plastic into smaller pieces and just broke the sucker off.

This picture shows the massager ready to place the PVC.
Use Plastic Pipe Hanging Tape to secure the PVC to the massager.
Use the small screws to attach the plastic tape to the base and the PVC. You will likely spend hours moving these attachment points until you get just the movement you want.

Be sure the screws do NOT go into the electronics or interior parts of the massager!

Cut one PVC short (a few inches) to allow the nubs to rotate without banging into each other.

This short PVC will be the arm and have a 90 degree elbow placed on it. (See photo below.)

Finished but undressed.

I will dress the prop when I get the head and arm made and add those pix later!

I have not cut the PVC down to size, which I will do as I dress the zombie and have the box built.
I've started to place the prop in a coffin. I have to finish the coffin front and add sound and light!

To be continued....

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