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Skeletons Climbing onto the Roof:


3 Blown Plastic Skeletons: I bought mine at Big Lots for $7.99 each. They come apart in a clear plastic bag.

Hot Glue Gun & Glue

String or Wire

A short board or metal used as a support to hang the two climbing skeletons from. The bottom one supports himself somewhat.

I started by hot gluing the bottom skeleton together with his arms above his head.

Don't use too much clue on the shoulder and elbow joints, they will need adjusting later.



Next I glued the roof skeleton together. I attached him to the roof by driving screws right thru the plastic and into the roof. I made sure my screws would not penetrate the entire roof thickness.

See photos left and below.


I added a metal bar I had to provide a point about a foot in front of the roof that I would use to attach a wire to that would support the standing skeletons by going thru the little plastic loop on top of their head.

You could have that attachment right into the roof or just use a short piece of wood.

See photos above and right.

You can see wire (which was later painted black) well in photo below.

I glued the middle skeleton together and glued him standing onto the shoulders of the bottom skeleton. Adjusted all of them and glued them together. Gluing the hands together on the top two as shown.



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