Skull Blood Waterfall
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This is one of my favorite effects. I don't know that I have seen anyone else do this.

A ceramic skull spits a stream of blood from 8 feet high.


Ceramic Skull

Sump Pump & Garden Hose

Plastic Tub

Water & Red Food Coloring

 The skull, in front of the flying crank ghost, spits a steady stream of blood into a plastic tub with a sump pump and a garden hose recycling it. 

The large tombstone in the bottom of this photo hides a the tub, pump and hose. In later years I replaced the styrofoam with PVC bars (see photos below).

In the photo on the right you can see the sump pump, plastic tub used to catch and recycle the "blood" (water with red food coloring), a short section of garden hose. (I cut a hose to size,  I should have used green as the hose hides in the vines, but when I created this prop I used a sheet of plywood to mount the skull on and the hose was completely hidden.) and a wall mount skull in a skeleton hand.
The pump came from Home Depot, the tub from WalMart. Here you see the pump in the water with the hose connected in the water collection/recycling tub. Two or three bottles of food coloring and you've got blood. The food coloring has never stained the tub, hose or pump.
Here you see the skull wall mount from the front and the rear. I made the hole ever so slightly larger so the connector on the hose fit into it. I could have just left the end off and used the hose in a smaller hole with no connector.

Here's the full thing in daylight with my son, Nicholas standing there for size reference. Frankenstein is located behind those PVC bars on Halloween.
Here we are with everything but the food coloring. The year this picture was taken I hid the tub behind a tomb stone. In later years I placed a mask behind the tub and hands holding the sides letting it show.

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