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This prop was created in an effort to use more wiper motors in my haunt. After using a wiper motor for my UnGrateful Dead band, and another for the skeletons falling off the roof in 2004 I purchase 4 additional motors. They are cheap ($15 or less) and they give your a strong motor that runs on 3-12v DC.

Click Here for See Saw Video

You can see I used PVC to make a frame to hold the motor and allow the board to pivot.

The board is attached to a 2" section of PVC which is then placed on a 1 1/2" PVC which allows it to easily pivot.

The wiper motor is attached to a 2x4 with hot glue and tie wraps. The 2x4 is attached to the PVC with tie wraps and a cinder block is used to provide a little weight. The see saw board is just a 12 foot 2x4.

I drilled a hole in a section of PVC and with a hammer popped it onto the ball on the wiper. I then attached it to the board using a wallboard screw. I added a spacer to keep it in line because I was too lazy to cut the ty wraps and move the motor slightly.

The See Saw Movie link will show you the prop in action.

I'm going to use this near my Dancing Ghost Ring and am trying to make a Whirl n' Hurl ride from a ceiling fan (I can't find the fan).

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