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I live, work and haunt in Provo, Utah. In 2002 we had over 400 Trick or Treaters (not counting parents). Click on "The Yard" above to see more photos. What you can't see in the photos are the animated props. The 8 foot blood waterfall, the two Flying Crank Ghosts, the two skulls that talk to each other, the Flying Bat, the thunder and lightening, the Ghost Ring singing "Ring around the Rosie", etc.

Using an idea from fellow haunter Wormy (Trisha) we set up a hot chocolate station...which was a good thing as it was rather cold and many parents and trick or treaters took advantage of the free hot drinks. We gave out 425 full size candy bars and 8 gallons of hot chocolate before we ran out.

In 2003 we reached just over 500 Trick or Treater's. Thank goodness my lovely bride and kids and a few really nice neighbors (thanks Michelle and Spencer) came and helped. we have a saying that "It takes a village" to do a really good Halloween. Between giving out candy, directing traffic, answering questions, refilling hot chocolate, etc. we are all worn out after about 3-4 hours of steady....very steady trick or treaters.

By 2007 we were giving out about 1300 full size candy bars to that number of trick or treaters. On the 100 plus pages of this web site there are pictures or video to most years between 2000 and 2007. As the haunt has grown and I've gotten older...building and managing the haunt has become harder and I now typically find little time to take pictures or video.

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