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I have created (or modified) a number of LOR files.
They are available below for your download and use. Click on the song title link below and download the .zip file which contains both the LOR sequence and the mp3 of the song.
(They are in LOR 2.x format. You can upgrade to 2.x free on the LOR web site.)

Monster Mash
I have a 32 channel LOR but when I create a sequence I create a "basic" sequence that can then be grown to fill and fit individual LOR displays. The Monster Mash "basic" sequence has only 6 channels that match the 6 parts of the music/vocals.

That is a channel for the opening sounds, one for the "Beat", and 1 channel each for the "Lead Singer", "Chorus", "Dracula", and "Igor". From this you can place whatever light you want on each channel and just copy channels to duplicate them for additional lights you want on the same channel that will not be plugged into a single channel electrical socket.

This method allows you to use the sequence for any number of circuits from 6 to 128 or more. It also allows you a high degree of customization of the sequence for your display.

I think you will like it!

This is Halloween

This song has many more parts. 19 different singing parts and the "beat" is spread over 6 additional light groups (listed as flood lights and colored lights).

If you are using an 8 or 16 channel LOR you will have to assign some of the song parts to existing circuits.

You can find a copy of the lyrics, including who sings what part, of This Is Halloween here.

Addams Family

This sequence I did not create myself. It was a sequence that used 48 channels and I am in the process of adjusting it down to a 32 channel (or less) sequence.

Holly's UnderWorld Series

This is a short LOR sequence and MP3 of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" created for a friends haunt that is centered on skeletons playing baseball. A creative and fun haunt.

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