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Need a skeleton? Need a "How-to-Haunt your House Book?
Click here for the best book I have ever seen on How to Haunt Your House.

Want to join a group of Halloween Haunters?

Want to see some great Halloween web site from your fellow haunters?

Click here to find out when the sun sets and the moon rises in your location on Halloween!

Click here to learn How to Resurrect a Potentially Dead Fog Machine!

You will find it all here! Click a pumpkin at the top of the page.

Major Halloween Prop Building Sites:

You Can Find Prop Construction Information for just about any Halloween Prop at:

The Monster List  and   Minion's Web

or by following

Wolfstone's Haunting Technology Roadmap

or at



Also Interesting

Facts About Halloween -----

Everything you want and need to know about Halloween!

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