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I use a number of different methods to trigger or activate my props. One of the best is the IR Motion Sensor that uses a standard yard security light.

I buy these motion activated security lights from Wal-Mart for under $10. Make sure the light has a "test" setting and the "no time" is continuously variable.

This brand, BRINKS that sells for about $9 has the features you need. They come in white or black. I try to use black as they are less likely to be seen in the dark.

I also use a standard extension cord and a little widget thingy that changes a light bulb socket into a plug. Shown in white here on top of the box.

Here you see the light out of the box. It comes with the two orange wire nuts.

I cut the socket end off the extension cord. The ribbed wire (look on the side of the wires on the extension cord and one will be smooth and one will be marked or ribbed. The ribbed or marked wire goes to the wide plug end. The light will work either way, but polarity is a safety issue. The wide plug goes to the white wire. (Wide-White) So the ribbed wire is going to connect to the white wire on the light.

Use the wire nuts and connect the ribbed wire from the extension cord to the white wire from the light. Connect the other wires together.

Screw the adaptor (light bulb to plug) into one of the bulb scokets.
I use duct tape to seal the bottom and protect the wires.
I plug an extension cord into this light socket. Then plug what I want to activate into the extension cord.

 As an example, on my coffin sit up I plug the sprinkler valve that activates the air pressure that makes him sit up, the computer speakers and the audio device (I use a great little sound chip from Cowlacious. )

I use the other light fixture to place a red flood light in. This is all placed in the bottom of the coffin with the IR detector hanging over the edge of the coffin looking out to sense when to activate everything. Then it makes the prop sit up, activates the sound and throws a red light onto the face (from down at the feet) of the prop.

TIP: Play around to get just the placement you want of the IR detector so it will not activate the prop too soon. You want the trick or treaters close to get the best scare. Don't let them get close enough that they could be leaning over the coffin. They could get hurt when the prop activates.

Use the test setting to get the motion sensor (IR Detector) to go off when you want. In the test setting the light will light whenever you are in the area where the sensor can see you.

Use the variable on time adjustment to let the prop stay on as long as it take to say what it will say or do what it will do. Then the prop will reset.

Have Fun!


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