Flying Crank Ghost
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The Flying Crank Ghost was invented by Doug Ferguson of Phantasmechanics.

No prop I own is more impressive and gets more comments than my two Flying Crank Ghosts. One purchased from The Iron Kingdom, the other made following directions from Brendon for his Chee-po (Cheap-O) version. I suggest you do both. Buy one from The Iron Kingdom and make another.  Jeff Kessler posted directions to build your own FCG. It appears to be a good inexpensive version. So you can select from 3 versions, Brendon's very low cost easy version, Jeff's low cost u-build version, and a professional model you can purchase. 

We (Rocky Mountain Haunters: local haunt club) just built these as a club project in the summer of 2008, the detailed directions and a parts list can be found on the club web site here. The parts for this project cost about $85.

Click here to see Trisha's FCG in action (1mg MPEG video)


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