Fellow Haunters
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What could be the greatest haunt ever...now in it's 32nd year! The Hallowed Haunting Grounds

A great list of prop building tips by project.

DeathLord's Web Site: A great site with a number of wonderful projects including a great fog cooler.

Keeba's Tombstones: Outstanding site with detailed instructions for making tombstones.

Eternal Halloween: Tips from a lady that knows how throw a great Halloween Party.

Skull and Bones Haunt Lighting Tutorial

Roadkill Cafe Haunt pages

A great "How-2" on building a Haunter Chandelier from Merlin Calhoun

Dead Spider is a beautiful and extremely talented artist/haunter. See here work here!

A Tribute to creators of some Great Haunting Ideas

Bob Andrews = Andrews Cemetery Fence
Scott Axworthy = Axworthy Flying Ghost
Jerry Chavez = Paper Towel Corpse (Corpsing a Bucky)
Doug Ferguson = Flying Crank Ghost
Cydney Neil = Dot Room
Leonard Pickel = Triangular Grid Theory
Carl Chetta = Trash Can Trauma

Greg MacLaurin = Floating Lantern

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