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Dan Weidert from Spokane, Washington has done a hack on his Santa that turned the 5 foot Santa into a 6 foot Wizard. He added a switch to make the Santa dance on demand. In reviewing this dancing on demand hack I'll comment that I do not suggest leaving this switch in the on position all the time. I posted a short cut to this dancing hack (with a link here).

He's how Dan did his hack and added over a foot to Santa's height and made his arms longer to stay proportional.

Photos and directions are courtesy of Dan Weidert, used with permission.


In Dan's own words:

This is santa with his robe and hat.  What is missing from this picture is the staff that stands about as tall as his head.  The top of the staff is a 4 inch lightning ball in an earth patter.  The arms donít seem quite so ridiculous here but I think I will still shorten the forearm.  I can talk using the mic or run music through the mic and make his mouth and head move and/or flip the switch to make him dance.  All in all a very easy and cheap hack for an impressive 6 ft tall wizard.

Here is a picture of the staff that will be with my wizard.  My original plan to hack the lightning ball fizzled when I looked inside.  I was not sure what would happen when I lengthened the 3 inch wire to about 6 feet and the base that holds the bulb became two pieces instead of the one I thought it was.  Now I will use a piece of material (the same as his robe) to cover the base of the lightning ball and down past where the chord goes back into the staff.

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