Dancing Hack
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The motor that makes the Santa dance uses the Blue and Green wires in the White bundle that is tied in a knot in the base (see photo below). I removed the base and worked this wire to get some slack and then was able to get at the wires I wanted. But on my 3rd Santa, I decided it was much easier to cut all the wires in the bundle and untie the knot and solder the wires. This would also allow you to unscrew the boots and remove the pants and the boots if you so desired.

The Orange and Yellow wires go to the speaker in the chest. The Blue and Green wires go to the motor than makes him dance. Connecting the Blue wire to the Red wire at the power input will make him dance continuously. This appears to deliver to much voltage to the motor. I plan to connect the Blue wire to the Red (not the Red shown in this photo, but the Red at the power plug input (Red and Black) via a variable resistor that would allow me to vary the speed of his dancing.

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