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This prop started as a "make it and take it" prop from the 2005 Rocky Mountain Haunters Gathering. Thanks to Sue and Vern for creating the kits and leading the seminar.

Click Here for Coffin Pop Up VideoClick Here for Pop Up Construction

Before building any pneumatic prop I strongly suggest you read this information!

Here is the prop getting close to being finished. I'll add a tie, legs and perhaps hands.
Here is the basis device: PVC pipe and a screen door opener. Below you see the sprinkler valve and PVC that operate the pop-up. The light bulb will be replaced with a flood light that will shine on the zombie when he sits up. I drilled holes in the wooden coffin and used tie wraps to hold the PVC in place. (see photo on right)

I no longer use the sprinkler valve shown here on new props I build. I use a small, inexpensive 120v MAC valve I purchased from Fiero fluids . The Fiero Fluid part number is 35A-AAA-DAAA-1BA. The valve controls the air flow and costs $17.50. A picture of the valve and fitting detail can be seen at this link.

If you want to make a sprinkler valve, Click the Halloween Fear link below for details on the sprinkler valve manifold that operates the prop.
It costs about $23 to buy the parts to make.

A good pix of a similar valve can be seen here!
images\3 way valve.doc

After a number of finishing touches this prop will be done!

Detailed directions  for the operating mechanism can be found here:

Sit Up Prop Using Door Closers


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