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Here's the step by step to use a Talking Douglas Fir Tree (Dougie) as a replacement head for your Singing, Dancing Santa. I'd like to thank fellow Utah Haunter Douglas Holladay for teaching me this Dougie Hack at a Rocky Mountain Haunters Gathering.

On the left you can see the Douglas Fir "Dougie" in the box and below, as it comes out of the box.

The bag of parts (hat, etc), the tree top, and the power supply are not used and can be set aside. Only the main body of the tree is used.

Remove the screws from the bottom of the base and cut the wires close to the electronics in the base.

The entire base and electronics are not used.

Pull the wires up and unscrew the tree trunk from the base.

Remove the branches from the trunk by unwrapping the branches and cutting a few tie-wraps.

This is what you are after, and the only part of the Dougie that is needed to use it with a Wal-Mart Singing, Dancing Santa. 

The Santa provides the electronics to drive the motors. 

On the Dougie to the left, you can see the infrared sensor (wire going to the right) which will be removed.

This Dougie has two motors (some have a single motor drive both the eyes and the mouth).

Next Step: Placing this unit into a Styrofoam wig head.


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